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Do you want to purchase signature items from a local artist? Look no further than Yankee Attic. Our artist, Joseph McTigue, creates alluring artwork you'll adore. He crafts everything from traditional Christmas stockings to vintage-inspired clothing. He also paints beautiful acrylic works for you to hang up in your home.

Our customers admire our artist's commitment to making eccentric items that become the focal point of their homes.

If you want to purchase unique, handmade items, turn to our local shop.

Decorate your home
with our linoleum-cut artwork.

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If you're looking to buy custom-made items that tell a story, you've come to the right place. We sell a variety of goods, including:

  • Traditional Christmas stockings
  • Traditional Christmas tree skirts
  • Vintage-inspired custom clothing
  • Linoleum cut prints and acrylic paintings

Please order holiday items at least a month in advance of the day you need them by. Ready to order now? Contact our artist immediately.

Meet our artist

Since he was a young boy, Joseph McTigue has had a passion for making something beautiful out of nothing. Whether he's drawing, painting or sewing, he can create a unique piece of art you won't find anywhere else.

He's learned a lot about art over his years of work and has taken each experience to improve and further grow his talents. He's always inspired to create new, exciting pieces curated specifically for his customers. McTigue is incredibly passionate about his craft and strives to impress each of his customers. Call today to order one of his custom works.